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4 Things To Consider When Storyboarding For Animation & Motion Graphics

Your script has been approved and the design has been established – it's time to start storyboarding! This pre-visualization technique has been around since the 1930's and is used in film, theater, video games, and, of course,  ads, as well. Storyboards are also an invaluable tool when creating marketing videos, as they provide the client with a graphic representation of how the video will unfold, shot by shot. Here's how to get the most out of your storyboarding efforts.


 1. Major Moments

Start with major scenes first. Secondary scenes like transitions will come naturally if you are working off of a strong base. What are the key moments?


 2. Experiment

Storyboarding (and the previs process in general) is the most flexible part of the entire animation process. It's simpler to change one or two still storyboard frames than to go back into a complex animation project file later. Try out your new ideas here and see what best delivers your message. Be fearless!


 3. Clarity is Key

Insane drawing abilities aren't a requirement for this step. Over the years we've seen a huge range of techniques and skill levels. Contrary to what you might think, the most important step when it comes to storyboarding is clarity. You want to sell the idea and the flow of the piece first, before sinking too much time into each drawing. We've seen a lot of magic be born out of a few well placed scribbles.


 4. Present in Person

Whether you're an animator, creative director or account rep, presenting concepts and storyboards in person will go a long way in communicating the ideas and getting the story across. While it's no substitute for presenting ideas in person, written descriptions should always be paired alongside frames so there is no room for misinterpretation.


Storyboards go a long way in helping smooth out and speed up the production process. It allows you to get approvals faster and keep communication open between everyone involved in the project.


If you're interested in more tips and tricks like these, be sure to download our Motion Design eBook!



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