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5 Out of the Box Mixed Media Projects to Get Your Creative Juices Going

Whether you're hyping a brand, showing off an app or crafting the next big message – I'm hoping you'll give animation a moment of consideration and here's why. Our goal is to capture our audience’s' attention. Animation captures their attention in ways stills and photos just can't. Mixing mediums like hand drawn animation, collage, stop motion, 3D, and even live action offer a limitless range of potential looks.
Here are five incredibly creative and unique mixed media animation and motion graphics projects we've stumbled upon over the past few months. A nice creative kick-start to thinking outside of the box.


Vitra: Mariposa Sofa from Jack Cunningham on Vimeo.

This combination of hand drawn and photorealistic 3D animation allows Vitra to show off the features of it's Mariposa sofa in a new way. The characters add life and with their simple design allow the colorful couches to really shine.

Medifast “Your Year” from Aggressive on Vimeo.

This behind-the-scenes look at Medifast's 'Your Year' spot gives us a glimpse into the charming combination of live action and cel animation. The end result is a friendly look that explores the potential of a new year and new opportunity.

Gatorade Fierce from on Vimeo.

This ad from Gatorade isn't the first time anime-style animation effects have been paired with sports footage. I've seen Nike, XGames and one or two smaller brands create superheroes out of athletes. The energy it brings is something I just can't get enough of.

Audemars Piguet / The New Geometry of Time (Dir. Cut) from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

The motion graphics slice and manipulate live action footage in Audemars Piquet's sleek brand video. The addition of these graphics, paired with the driving music track takes this piece to a new level.

Travel Portland “Discover what makes Portland so Portland” – CRCR from WIZZ design on Vimeo.

This ad celebrating Portland's local zines captures hometown pride and an indie design style for a unique look. Collage elements, a chicken falling from the sky and a nude bicyclist going head-first over the handlebars is an instant attention getter in this celebration of of their local flair.
Working on an animation or motion graphics project?  You don't have to go it alone – we have a great guide to walk you through the process: The Ultimate Guide To Your Next Animation Project.

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