5 Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Your Busy Workday

There is a defining moment in the workday when your motivation is at its peak. It is different for everyone, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, some at night, but there is always a moment when all of the momentum you have been desperately seeking culminates and you find yourself on a roll.


Then…suddenly…you get interrupted, and you can almost see your motivation disappearing into the nether.


When I’m feeling this way, something that always gets me back on track is an appropriate playlist. Depending on the day, my mood, the weather outside, and how loud the office is, this playlist can change, but there are 5 playlists I always return to in my time of need when I need to get back to work.



Deep Focus – Deep Focus, as dictated by the title, is a playlist designed to help you center in on what you’re doing. It features ethereal,
alternative tunes that fill that ambient “white noise” void without being overly distracting or distinct. It is an all-around neutral playlist and is usually my first choice.


Brain Food – If you are looking for something on the more upbeat end, or something akin to a brain workout, Brain Food is for you!
With a multitude of vivacious beats and rhythms, this playlist will get you boppin’ all the way back to work.


Video Game Soundtracks – Spotify features a vast library of video game soundtracks, all of which are designed to be played in repetition in the background of a video game.
Ranging from reflective and quirky to epic, they can add a bit of nostalgic light to your day. Some of my favorites include “Bastion” by Darren Korb,
“Child of Light” by Cœur de Pirate, and “Machinarium” by Tomáš Dvořák.


Your Favorite Coffeehouse – Feeling like I am elsewhere is sometimes all I need to get my mind in check. After grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, I’ll sit down with an
indie-alternative playlist like Your Favorite Coffeehouse and enjoy just breathing in the smell and soaking in the sound for a minute before digging in.


ESM | Electronic Study Music – While the genre may not be for everyone, this low-key EDM compilation is my playlist of choice toward those
end of the week workdays when you just need an extra boost to make it through to the weekend. Distractions come easy,
but these songs carry enough personality to keep your attention without being overbearing.


Whether or not these playlists do the trick, Spotify has an entire directory dedicated to helping you find exactly what is going to suit your musical needs.


As an animator, putting my headphones on and getting into the “zone” with my perfect playlist keeps those creative juices flowing. For me, it’s all about keeping that focus centralized, and that comes from catering to my mood. Whether I’m happy, frustrated, tired, or elated for it to be Friday, the right music can always give me that extra push to do my best work


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