6 Ways Animation Helps Us Create Marketing as Innovative as the Apps Themselves

Today’s innovative geniuses, like those who came before them, are actively shifting the way in which we do business.  It seems like each day there is a new app release helping us do more, be more, see more and create more. These innovators’ ideas and concepts have those of us in the marketing industry incubating our best campaigns, wondering ‘how do I sell that?’  Some of our best animation projects have happened when the client doesn’t even have a prototype yet!  What? How in  the world do you market an app that doesn't exist yet?



  1. Showing what has not been built (yet):


Abstract concepts are great in a VC meeting, but to get stronger buy-in, people need to ‘see it before they believe it’. 3D animation and rendering is a 'go to' for product prototypes, architectural visualizations, product iterations for clients or to firm second round investors.  (Not to mention it's an opportunity for feedback, consensus building, and generating enthusiasm before a costly physical build is started – saving you lots-o-time and money!)


Computer animation

This doesn’t exist yet. But you already want it, don’t you? source: maclife.com




  1. Simplifying Complex ideas.


Infographics and iconography has become a popular marketing tool because they combine abstract concepts with concrete visuals – leveraging the power of pictures and words for a more complete understanding of information.  Animate that infographic and it often can surpass an infographics limitations to hold attention and create understanding.  Since all the information does not need to be displayed at once, there is less visual competition for the viewer to sift through.


source: Peter Cobo




  1. Explaining complex interactions or processes.


If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to decipher those instructions from an IKEA catalog, then you are familiar with the limitations of print.  Animation is great for showing complex processes because you can actually see how discreet parts interact – – there’s no need to ‘fill in the blanks’ between two illustrations or imagine how parts or pieces fit together.

Motion Graphics

Complicated Envelope. Simple Instructions. source: CRASH+SUES



  1. Grabbing attention.


Our eyes and brains are biologically wired to pay attention to movement.   Animation uses motion to draw the viewers eyes exactly where you want them to land.



  1. Showing what cannot be photographed:


3D animation takes place entirely within the computer, so there are no physical constraints to worry about! From microscopic molecules to galaxies millions of miles away, 3d animation can generate photo-realistic representation of pretty much anything.  For marketers, this means you can demonstrate a product in ways that are impossible to capture with conventional photography – showing off inner-working or high-speed mechanics without renting specialty lenses or high-speed cameras.


3D animation

No microscope necessary to see molecules combine in a super-secret formula. source: CRASH+SUES



  1. Emphasizing style and glamour:


Using a 3D model computer model in place of conventional ‘product shoots’ in becoming increasingly common.  A 3D product render allows you to exactly place lights, cameras and action where you need them to let your product shine.  When much of the appeal of a product is its appearance, a perfectly-tuned animation adds major value to the piece.


Animation wireframe

Scientific fact: A 3D image of beer has zero calories. source: CRASH+SUES



Animation holds unlimited possibilities for creating better marketing for these innovating trend setters.


Here is my current crush for animation.    We would love to hear what yours is!  Tell us below!



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