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4 Things To Consider When Scripting Your Animated Marketing Content

Animation and motion graphics is a powerful medium to engage your target audience, creating the buy-in you need to gain and build a successful user base. This medium is almost impossible to ignore;  with visual learners making up 65% of the population, animation is a pretty impressive tool to have at your disposal. So when developing your script, how can you play to these strengths?




Create a Mood Board ~ Having a blank word document staring back at you can be a bit intimidating. That's why we prefer to do a bit of research and mood board creation to kick-start our creativity. Quick searches on Vimeo, Dribbble and Behance will turn up tons of inspiration and give you a good idea of how limitless animation really is. Be sure to bookmark your favorites!


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Interview your Audience ~ Who are they? What kind of content did they ask for? What is the most compelling call to action?  A/B testing will help you nail this down. What do they need this piece to tell them, show them or inform them of, buy in to your message? Before writing your script, you will want to have heard all of these questions answered straight from the horse’s mouth. Using your audience's direct input will help you stay on course.


Animation Studios Minneapolis


Think Visually ~ Consider the major themes and messages the audience asked to have conveyed with this video. Is it possible to represent these ideas with symbols or imagery? If you are dealing with a larger brand, what kind of imagery has been used in the past? It's never too early to begin playing with and thinking of your visuals.


Animation Studios Minneapolis


Consider The Length ~ 180 words per minute is the average rule for voice-overs. It's important to include a bit of breathing room in that estimate as well. Keep in mind that audiences' attention spans are on the shorter side, so the less-is-more rule definitely applies here.



Following these tips and tricks will get you started on the path to creating marketing that will increase your user base, save you time and ease your video production.  For a full step-by-step tool to help you along the way, check out our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide To an Animated Demo Trailer For Your App Marketing


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