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4 Go-To Sites for Animation Inspiration

As designers and animators we know how important it is to be inspired.


When creating video it's incredibly important to be in tune to the visual language that people are using – to be constantly pushing for the next compelling style. Having a unique voice is what sets brands apart from their competition.


We've compiled four of our go-to sites for motion graphics and animation inspiration to help you. So when your next app video, customer testimonial, explainer video (or other!) lands in your lap you'll be ready to knock it out of the park.




Started in 2006 by Justin Cone and co-owned by Carlos El Asmar, Motionographer is the industry's best resource for motion-related information and inspiration. Along with the outstanding work from studios, freelancers, and students, they also feature stories about the work and commentary to spark discussion.


The Motionographer community is a passionate one – so much so that they started a festival. F5 takes place every few years in New York City and explores the intersection of design, art and technology. Feel free to check out F5's 2015 event page to get a closer look at this awesome festival.


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Ice Cream Hater

If you're looking for fun colors and friendly design in motion graphics – Ice Cream Hater should be your go-to blog. The website's layout is simple and clean, allowing the featured work to take center stage. Curator Jordan Scott – art director at Odd Fellows – aims Ice Cream Hater's spotlight equally between large studios, small shops and individuals so be ready to see a wide range of styles and subject matter.


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Wine After Coffee

If you spend a ton of time on Vimeo, you may be interested in adding the Wine After Coffee channel to your list. Their team of animators serves up a daily curated stream of animation and motion design.


Similar to Motionographer, they also started a creative festival, this time in Vancouver. Blend was a two-day conference-style party held in 2015. No dates have been set for the next event but feel free to visit their event page for more information.


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Lesterbanks is a bit different from the previous four examples. Designed to be a repository for students – it's a place to find tutorials and resources, as well as inspiration. Their tutorial library covers all major software and is a valuable resource for the 3D and computer graphics community. Tutorials are a great way to learn and be inspired. You never know when a technique will be useful down the road so be sure to save your favorites!


Where do you go for motion graphics and animation inspiration? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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