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Welcome our intern Liza Goncharova!

CRASH+SUES is thrilled to officially welcome our intern Liza Goncharova! One part designer, one part illustrator and one part animator, this recent U of M grad has a wide variety of skills, including speaking three languages! (English, French, and Russian) Her wide range of abilities, combined with her passion for idea generation and collaboration has us positively tickled pink to welcome her for the summer! Already, she’s impressed us with her proactive nature….as well as her capacity for Dungeons & Dragons.


Check out some of her most recent work!


  • Mock Forever 21 Campaign

Design Minneapolis    VFX Minneapolis     Dress2     Animation Minneapolis



  • Tot Branding/Packaging


Design Minneapolis   Video Services MinneapolisWeb Design Minneapolis


  • Senior Thesis Film


Alien Girl and Space Dog from Liza Goncharova on Vimeo.



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