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A CASE STUDY : 2016 Provincetown International Film Festival [PIFF]



CRASH+SUES was tapped to create the trailer for the 2016 Provincetown International Film Festival. They wished to celebrate their status as America’s Oldest Art Colony by paying tribute to the prolific artists that have called it home throughout the years.




We took Pecker, the PIFF shorebird mascot, on a journey through the works of six great American artists. The project was a master study of art styles from contemporary realism and impressionism, to abstract expressionism and beyond. We chose the artists with intention, ensuring that they had a connection to Provincetown and the East Coast art scene.




  • A trailer that truly captures the spirit of the Provincetown art community.
  • A standing ovation during opening night of the festival.
  • A creative team who united to pull off an ambitious idea.


Read more about the process and view the full case study here!




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