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5 Tips for Winter Biking

Do you love to bike? Do you love winter? Have you tried biking to work in the winter?  If not, you really ought to give it a try. Here are some tips that will help to enhance your ride.


1. Wear warm clothes. Really this should be common sense. By layering your clothing you can add or take off layers as needed. Biking is never fun when your fingers are frozen, or you’re on the verge of heat exhaustion.

2. Any well maintained bike should be able to get you to your destination. Some bikes will be more suited for the conditions. Using a mountain/road bike with studded tires will help with traction on ice. Fat bikes are good for deeper snow and also traction.

3. Plan your route. Knowing what trails or roads are routinely plowed will help you get to your destination timely and safely. 

4. Now that you have planned your route, you will need to give yourself enough time to make it to your destination.  Winter paths will probably take more time to navigate  than summer, so give yourself time for unforeseen obstacles. Also remember that your energy is likely to wane more quickly in the winter. 

5. Be safe. Choosing bike paths over roads is always a good idea, especially In the winter. Visibility for auto drivers is often impeded,  so creating another obstacle is not helpful. Staying on paths helps you to stay out of the way of cars.


Hope these tips help with your adventure into winter biking. Be sure to start out with smaller bike trips to get used to biking in the cold winter. You do not want to get caught in cold weather with no energy to continue with your trip. Happy biking!


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