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5 Tips for Creating Great Video Content

Given the endless facts and figures attesting to the overwhelming value of video marketing, the question now is not “why” you should add it to your online marketing arsenal, but rather “how.” Whether you’re new to video marketing or haven’t yet taken the leap, here are five tips to help you create great video content.


1. Determine Your Goal

All video seeks to educate, entertain or engage a specific audience with the best videos doing all three. If you’re new to the game, the optimum place to start is at the top of your marketing funnel, by introducing a “welcome video” (aka brand video, explainer video, anthem video) to your landing page. An explainer video helps you to connect better with your potential customers by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose you over the competition. As prospects move through the natural stages of the buying journey, additional videos (how-to’s, product, culture, thought leadership, testimonial, etc….) will effectively turn them into loyal customers.


2. Center Your Message Around the Story Not the Sale

Consumers are savvier than ever before. Millennials, in particular, don’t want to be “sold to.”Instead, effective storytelling engages viewers by appealing to their wants and needs. Stories
create a vivid and memorable picture that establishes a sense of belonging. Make your stories real and relevant to your prospective customers, give them something of value to remember,
and you will build their loyalty and trust.  Your storytelling will result not only in getting more sales but create a platform for viral sharing.


3. Focus on the First 10 Seconds

The first few seconds of the video is where you will either win your viewers, or lose them. Squander precious time with a TV-like “open” (where you have a captive audience) and you risk
the repercussions of “itchy-finger syndrome.” You need to get to the point, and get to it quickly. It could be a rhetorical question, a compelling soundbite or a statement that arouses curiosity.
You might also consider adjusting the beginning of your video to the specific needs of your audience. Creating multiple versions of a lead-in is also effective for A/B testing.


4. Keep it Short

Humans have short attention spans …..and they’re getting shorter as more and more content floods the internet. While different types of videos have different optimal lengths, in general, we recommend marketing videos run no longer than 2:00 – shorter, if possible. If your goal is to get people to watch the whole thing, shorter is definitely better. Don’t allow yourself an “out” by proclaiming that you have too much content. If indeed that’s true, split a single video into two or three to keep the audience engaged and better target their needs.


5. Create an Emotional Response

While some content lends itself to emotion more easily than others, your video is far more likely to be effective if it elicits some sort of visceral response — be it laughter or tears. Tear-jerker content, otherwise known as “sadvertising,” is a growing trend and not just among brands where it seems logical. Chewing gun, laundry softener and beauty products have all hopped on the bandwagon with tear-inducing content. That said, as long as you make your audience feel something, it doesn’t really matter if it’s happy or sad….as long as it’s not indifferent. Creating a connection in an increasingly disconnected world isn’t easy, but it will put you far ahead of your competitors.


Do you have some tips of your own?  Please share them in the comment section below!


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