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Meet the Animator: Brian Thompson

Hello everyone!  I’m Brian Thompson, the 3D / VFX / technology do-everything-er at CRASH+SUES.


I embrace the intersection of creativity and technology within the world of ‘media-making’.  I love digging into the guts of how it all works, figuring out how to pull off a shot that others think is improbable (or impossible), and wondering how to leverage new, cool pieces of tech to make our collective jobs easier.  Often my name is called across the office followed by ‘can you figure this out?’.


As a 3D artist, I am drawn towards hard-surface modeling, architecture, lighting / rendering and visual effects.  There’s nothing like the thrill of pulling off a great VFX shot – it’s the digital equivalent of a magic trick executed perfectly to fool the eye.


Along with discovering solutions for atypical workflows, I really, really enjoy finely crafted beer (bourbon porters or milk stouts are my jam).  Also convincing my body that it really does want to train for an upcoming triathlon (c’mon knees! you can do it!)  I might have more luck if I liked beer a little less!


Click on work samples below to watch the videos:


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