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16 Jul Advertising v. Farming

Many of you already know our own Heidi Habben, owner and president of CRASH+SUES, is one hard-workin’ woman. In addition to running C+S, she raises pigs. No, not the cute, micro pigs that are the latest rage in itty-bitty pets (although Heidi’s pigs are cute.)…

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07 May CRASH+SUES Promise

CRASH+SUES Promise: We are creative, nimble and consistent.   Last year, when the team at C+S sat down to formalize our company promise we knew it had to meet three criteria. It would need to: 1.      convey a significant benefit to our clients…

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08 Apr Harley-Davidson ~ #RollYourOwn

Celebrating the “individuality of the rider” is the the theme behind  Harley-Davidson’s recently launched”Roll Your Own” campaign created by our friends at Wolfes LLC and color-corrected by our very own Sue Lakso.  The ads, featuring riders in out-of-the-norm situations, attempts to break the stereotypes of…

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