Boy and Bear – Three Headed Woman

C+S Contributed:

Production, Creative Edit, Color, Finish


Recipe for RCR-produced Music Video shoot in Hutchinson, MN:

1) Mix a Sydney creative team, consisting of AMVI EP Blaize Saunders, Dir/Writer Melvin Montalban, + DP Tania Lambert with a striking new music release from the Sydney-based band, Boy & Bear

2) Add RCR’s production + logistical team of producer Sven Shelgren, production manager Angela Voreis, Steve Speers + his Phantom camera, Steve Hintz + his FX wizardry, some Tasty Lighting and Grip, + a skilled Twin Cities support crew.

3) Stir in an experienced car stunt AD like Don Blackburn from South Carolina with a re-habbed vintage black Ford pickup truck.

4) Add a cast of three iconic characters, set against a background of vintage collector-vehicles.

5) Blend in the timeless locations + marvelous hospitality of the small town of Hutchinson.

6) Finish with the constructed + polished creative talents of the whole CRASH+SUES post team and….

7) Voila! The end result is elegant, emotional, evocative visual poetry in a music video for the ages.

This video shows why macho-muscle is no match for a beautiful woman, taunted + scorned. Watch out for those Three-Headed Women!

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