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5 Fantastic Motion Graphics Videos To Inspire You in 2017

Listed in no particular order are some of my favorite motion graphics and animation pieces of 2016! These are videos that I saw, loved, and bookmarked throughout the past year. Be sure to take a look at the “making of” blogs to get the full scope of the love and effort that went into each of these pieces. I hope these videos will continue to inspire and propel us all to creating great work in 2017!


Forms In Nature captures the wonder and beauty of the world around us through a geometric and stylized lense. The attention to detail demands repeat viewings in order to notice all of the subtleties in each of the vignettes.   Also check out the making of Forms in Nature.


Apple Health App

I’m always a sucker for projects that marry live action elements with animation and Apple has managed to do this in an incredibly appealing way. While the concept may be simple, the execution definitely wasn’t. Be sure to go through the making of blog on Motionographer.


La Effe Rebrand 2016 

A punchy music track and fast pacing of these indents for La Effe make for a really exciting piece. The bold color choices, type and texture all build into this fun, jazzy, retro-vibe that I just can’t seem to get enough of.  See the case study as well.


Google “”

Google is a master of minimal design and animation and it’s always worth keeping an eye out for what they’re doing. This video for Material Design Lite is a great study of how to tell stories and communicate ideas, with as simple a look as possible. Plus the dark environment stands out against the cliche of the usual ‘clean white void’ environments.



Director John Kars (Director on Disney’s Paperman) and Kevin Dart (Art Director on Forms In Nature) teamed up to create, June, a fabulous piece of branded content for Lyft that focuses on story over advertising. The story follows June, an elderly woman who begins driving for Lyft and the effect that she has on the community (and in turn, the effect the community has on her.) It’s a heartwarming story, without being overly sweet. A must-watch for sure.  As is the Making of June


Thanks to Motionographer for curating a great batch of motion graphics and animation over the past year. It’s a great place to find cool work!


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