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4 Ways to Get Involved in the Motion Design Community

It’s not news that the design and advertising community is as active as ever. There is no shortage of lectures, meetups and parties to participate in. But what about motion design and animation? A more niche subset of the advertising world, but one that continues to grow in importance as the demand for video marketing grows. Want to take a closer look at the passionate artists in the community? Check out these local (and not so local) ways to get involved.

Motion Chat – #mochat
Every Tuesday at 9pm eastern @motionchat hosts a weekly chat for motion designers. It’s a great opportunity to participate in the online motion community, meet other designers, and work through any ideas or bugs you’ve run into throughout the week. The past few themes have included: project concepting, NAB news, AE rigging, organizational strategies and so much more. Find them on Twitter or their website for more information.


Nice Moves MN
Not quite a user group, not quite a lecture series, not quite a party but a mix of all of the above – Nice Moves is a group of Twin Cities industry artists whose mission is to bring together movers of all different backgrounds, exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate. They’ve hosted several studio tours with more things planned this summer. To keep up to date on Nice Moves events be sure to follow them on Twitter and check out the Facebook group

Nice Moves MN – Launch Video 2016 from Nice Moves MN on Vimeo.


Blendfest & Motion
Looking to travel? See some awesome speakers? Chat with motion graphics folks from all over the country? If so, then I’d love to point you to a few motion and animation conferences. Meet Blendfest and Motion. Blendfest is a conference (and party) for creative, design and animation makers hosted in Vancouver, Canada. They’ll be announcing 2017 dates soon so keep your eyes peeled on their Twitter. Motion is another creative gathering, this one based in Santa Fe. They have their entire lineup of speakers and events on their website – so if you’re looking for some inspiration this summer this would be a great one to check out.

Blend Manifesto from Wine after Coffee. on Vimeo.


Another local event, the Minnesota Electronic Theater is our annual blowout bash. Hosted the first week of December, MET is our celebratory show-and-tell night for all the studios and freelance professionals in the area. The best projects from the past year are shared in one giant, midwest-rockin’ showcase reel. There are drinks, awards, and lots of celebrating as we bring another year to a close. Be sure to look for the event closer to December for official dates and locations.


These are just a handful of ways to get involved. Do you have any suggestions for getting involved in the motion design community? Comment below and share links to any other events we may have missed!

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