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A CASE STUDY : The “Milkweed” Film Trailer



CRASH+SUES was approached to create a 2-minute, animated trailer based on “Milkweed” by Jerry Spinelli, a book for younger readers about the Holocaust as seen from a young boy’s perspective. With the trailer, our client hopes to garner interest from investors to create a full-length, animated feature film.




After reviewing the screenplay adaptation of the book, the C+S Creative Team collaborated to identify the most important story moments to portray in the trailer. From there, we began our pre-production process, which included designing the characters from scratch. With these elements in place, we set out to create the full 2-minute animated trailer.




  • A trailer that conveys the depth of Holocaust, as seen through Misha’s perspective
  • A “proof of concept” to guide the style and structure of the “Milkweed” feature length animated film.
  • A valuable tool for investors to visually and audibly understand the intent and tone of “Milkweed.”

Read more about the process and view the full case study here!



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    This is so amazing! Honestly breathtaking and a wonderful story, so happy it’s being told.

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