The Secret of Kemps…

Sue had a wonderful time working on the color-correction for the latest Kemps, “It’s the Cows” commercial for Periscope, collaborating with Mark Haumersen, Executive Creative Director, Patti Hofstad, Executive Producer, Tim Taylor, Editor and  Greg Winter, Director, to set the look for this newest version.


Lifting the blacks added a little more detail, allowing the cows to be the stars of the show, while matching the environments from shot to shot added consistency. Striving for an overall “natural” appearance, the look was kept light without a lot of heavy contrast, and of course, special attention was paid to make the product look scrumptious!


After the color was set the images were rendered out in 2K Pro Res 4444 and sent to Pittsburgh where the lips on the cows were animated.


Having spent countless hours in the color suite with Mark, Patti, Tim and Greg over the years, Sue was happy to work for them once again before she semi-retires in September.  Good times!



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  • Benjamin

    This was great and having grown up on a dairy farm with Ayrshire cows it’s nice to see one represented next to the Holstein. Well done.

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