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What Every Potential Intern Needs to Know – Tip 1 of 2

Today, I received a well-organized, chronologically-formatted  resume  with a clearly stated objective which highlighted the individual’s accomplishments, her better-than-average qualifications (for an intern, anyway) and that also indicated knowledge of our company, clients and the services we provide. What didn’t I receive? A phone call requesting an interview.

Consider this: your resume might be one of 100 or more received in response to a posting. Do you really want to leave it to chance that yours is THE ONE to capture the hiring manager’s attention, when he or she is probably already doing the job of three people and is somewhat on the fence  about taking on an intern in the first place?   Contrary to popular belief,  interns are generally not brought on to relieve their supervisors of too much work. Truth be told, it’s a lot of work to train an intern to do even everyday tasks, and anything you can do that will give the impression that you’re self-sufficient is going to win you points.   If you’re not proactive enough to follow up with a call, why would we think you would be proactive in other areas of your internship?

So what about fear of rejection – is that what’s holding you back?   I get it. We’ve all been there. But is waiting for the  phone to ring really any better?   Let’s say you’ve met the basic requirements of the internship.  Maybe you even have a connection within a company due to some networking.  If you’ve set the stage with a proper cover letter and resume, sans typos, why blow it now?  It’s like running a 2K and stopping just short of the finish line. This is not the time to be timid, folks.   Getting your foot in the door requires not only basic competencies but determination and courage.  You may or may not get an interview, but at least you’ll get an answer. Besides, the law of averages is bound to work in your favor eventually. Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.”

Got any tips that led to your internship?  Post ’em here! Also, don’t miss What Every Potential Intern Needs to Know – Tip 2, coming up next week!


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  • Benjamin

    I was SO hungry to get into the film industry that I called everyone in town that had the following words in the companies title, video, media, editor, producer, grip, lighting, audio. I had job offers from just calling businesses, but not in the field I wanted to be in. When I got an interview (after my resume was lost three times, I know this because I called to make sure they received it. I had sent it two times and then physically went in to drop it off), I had the option of an 8am meeting or a 9am meeting. I picked the 8am as I understood that people tend to remember the first and last person they interviewed. I brought a demo reel (which is rather embracing to watch now, but that’s what I had), pen, notebook with questions and confidence to just be me. The interview went for over an hour. Within the next week I had an offer and started working about a month after the interview. I asked my boss at the time and now friend why he hired me. He said, he took a chance on me. He knew that I was not as talented as the others he had interviewed. But, I was full of hunger and more passionate about the job than anyone he had interviewed. He knew he could teach me the skills I needed. What he could not teach was passion and humility.

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