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How is Advertising Like Farming? [Part 3 of 3]

My Dad’s big, burly farm boys were two scrawny little girls.  My sister, Nora, and I learned early on that when Dad said to move the pigs from here to there, we needed to think like a pig, as the pigs outweighed us many times over.   What would make those pigs want to go from here to there?  Thinking like a pig gives one a lot of respect for the pig.


Along the way, we also learned we needed to be fearless.  Dad said an animal can sense fear.  A horse can recognize it as soon as someone gets in the saddle.  If I am fearful, the horse is.  If I am calm, the horse usually is, also.  Calmly squaring up to bull will stop him even if he is 2000 lbs and you are 50.  (Now I wouldn’t recommend this to just anyone as you also need to know and understand your animals.)


In advertising, I find that understanding your client and your client’s client is imperative.  The first part of our proven process at CRASH+SUES is to listen and learn.  What drives them?  What do they value?  What are their real needs? How do they see themselves?


We’ve learned over the years, that clients’ real needs are often different than what they profess them to be. Sometimes we have to do a little digging to unearth the crux of their problem.  This requires an ability to be “Fearless” – another of CRASH+SUES core values.  If we truly understand our clients, if we are optimistic and resilient as well as innovative and bold, being fearless comes easier.





I often see how our core values get played out daily at CRASH+SUES through each phase of our proven work process.  Being true to ourselves, allows us to be  truly helpful to our clients.


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Illustrations by Allison Howle


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