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How is advertising like farming? [Part 2 of 3]

Growing up on a farm, time and money were in short supply, but that didn’t mean we could let our ‘quality’ suffer.  The hay had to be put up before the rain hit and the grain had to be harvested before the winter snow.  Moldy hay feeds nothing and grain left in the field pays no bills.  If no one is paying attention to the details, farms and lives are literally lost.


One of the first sayings I learned in advertising was ‘time, money + quality, pick two’.  If you have little time, you need a lot of money to get quality.  If you have little money, you need a lot of time to get quality.  If you have neither time nor money, you can’t get quality.


I always felt that if there was not a lot of time or money, that opened the door for the project to get a whole lot more creative.  It is easy to be creative and fearless when you have deep pockets.   It is much harder to be creative and fearless when you’re counting every cent.


The team at CRASH +SUES knows how to work within the parameters of a budget, large or small.  We know our clients are faced with the same big picture objectives that we are.  Our goal is to listen and give the client only what they really need. We never try to oversell a project, rather, we believe each project should be a win-win for all parties.


If your budget or time is tight, CRASH+SUES will still work hard to figure out the best creative solution tailored to your needs. In fact,  two of our core values emphasize our ability to be  Creative Collaborators as well as Fearless.  I see these values played out daily at CRASH+SUES as we strive to think outside the box – creatively and fearlessly for our clients.




What career lessons have you learned along the way? We’d love for you to share them, here.


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Illustrations by Allison Howle


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