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CRASH+SUES Promise: We are creative, nimble and consistent.

Last year, when the team at C+S sat down to formalize our company promise we knew it had to meet three criteria. It would need to:

1.      convey a significant benefit to our clients
2.     be rooted in our company’s core values and beliefs 
3.     be upheld by all employees in all interactions

Today, our pledge to be “creative, nimble and consistent” guides us in everything we do. Our clients have the confidence that we always have their best interest in mind, and they trust we will deliver the best product for the best value. It’s what keeps them coming back. 

So, why the pigs? Despite their unfounded reputation for poor hygiene, pigs are actually highly intelligent, quick to adapt to new situations, and eternally optimistic.


Now that’s something to squeal about.


Illustration by C+S animator Allison Howle

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