Author: Kara Wayne

04 Mar MPR Class Notes : A Roundabout Tale!

Karl the Raccoon reprises his role as a music aficionado is this piece concepted, directed and edited by our very own Todd Isaacs for Classical MPR’s “Class Notes.” It’s one in a 12-part series designed to teach elementary-aged kids the fundamentals of classical music while…

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Animation studio

03 Mar Meet Allison Howle!

What do you get when you cross an equestrian with a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design? An animator with horsepower AND the newest member of CRASH+SUES’ creative team! Meet Allison Howle, a native Michigander, and one of the most talented quick-draw artists…

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Promotional video

04 Feb Core Value #4: We Are Invested

Merriam-Webster defines “invested” as “morally or psychologically devoted to a purpose.” We at C+S define it as one of our six core values.  That’s why “good enough” is not part of our vocabulary. When we partner with a client, we’re not just adhering to the…

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Production studios

22 Jan Using Improv in the Workplace

Recently our team attended a workshop with a focus on using improv to enhance communication both internally and externally. The premise is simple. Improv performers don’t know what will happen onstage from one scene to the next, yet they must accept the reality of a…

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12 Jan Voices of Watford City, ND

Exciting change is underway in Watford City! The swift rise in population stemming from the Bakken oil development has transformed this once small rural town of 1,200 on the western edge of North Dakota into a blossoming community of over 15,000 + growing.  C+S is…

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