Author: Kara Wayne

Promotional videos

07 May Renters Warehouse

The CRASH+SUES animation team was recently tapped by Renters Warehouse to design the animated version of their new spokesperson – Roger Wayne! Two different end tag sequences were developed and animated in a hand-drawn style. Now we have a colorful, animated RW to remind us…

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Production studio

07 May CRASH+SUES Promise

CRASH+SUES Promise: We are creative, nimble and consistent.   Last year, when the team at C+S sat down to formalize our company promise we knew it had to meet three criteria. It would need to: 1.      convey a significant benefit to our clients…

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07 May Lifetime Fitness… for Every Age

CRASH+SUES recently collaborated with writer/producer Jill Palmquist and photographer Jim Henderson to create a marketing video for Lifetime Fitness targeting women of all ages. What started as a direct mail piece was conceived as a video, allowing it to reach a larger audience; the message…

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04 Mar MPR Class Notes : A Roundabout Tale!

Karl the Raccoon reprises his role as a music aficionado is this piece concepted, directed and edited by our very own Todd Isaacs for Classical MPR’s “Class Notes.” It’s one in a 12-part series designed to teach elementary-aged kids the fundamentals of classical music while…

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Animation studio

03 Mar Meet Allison Howle!

What do you get when you cross an equestrian with a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design? An animator with horsepower AND the newest member of CRASH+SUES’ creative team! Meet Allison Howle, a native Michigander, and one of the most talented quick-draw artists…

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