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Boost Your Bottom Line With an Asset Management System

I remember when we first built our house.  The one thing we did not do was install a garage door opener.  Growing up, we never had one and all through college, I never had a garage.  I figured it was no big deal.  When 10 years later, we finally installed one – yes, I said 10 YEARS – I realized what I had been missing.  It felt like my whole life got easier.


It is the same with asset management.  You don’t know what you are missing.  You feel you don’t need it or it is an added expense that you can do without right now.  After all, you have everything somewhere on your server (right?) and ‘Jane’ knows where everything is (you are pretty sure), plus she’s never sick (well, rarely).  Therefore, I don’t need it, do I?


Answer the following questions to see if your business would indeed benefit from asset management.


  1. On average, how much time is wasted trying to find a specific clip requested by your CEO? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt system provides your with an easy to use google-style keyword search on your asset metadata.)
  2. What would happen if all those piles of hard drives and tapes disappeared from the corner of your office? (CRASH+SUES can ingest and file them for easy access using a Google-style keyword search.)
  3. When was the last time you had to schedule a shoot because you could not access files from the prior shoot? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt system creates proxy files that are web accessible anytime, anywhere.)
  4. What would change for you if all your digital media assets and files types were in one central repository? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt was created to handle your video and audio files as well as your other assets – jpg, eps, pdf, WORD, etc.)
  5. How would your client relationship change if the dailies were immediately accessible for clip approval and comment? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt video files allow comments.)
  6. What stress would be relieved if you could fill your boss’s requests for presentations, case studies or highlight reel almost instantly? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt systems means all your footage can be easily searched, viewed, trimmed, transcoded, downloaded and shared.)
  7. What kind of outcomes would you experience if you had archiving with redundancy? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt System offers a 3-2-1 backup system to ensure files are safe.)
  8. What impact would the ability to repurpose your video assets have on your budgets and productivity? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt systems lets your scrub through and trim your files as needed.)
  9. How might your time be better spent if your visual assets were stored with a vendor who could accommodate all your video needs? (CRASH+SUES provides production, editing, visual effects, animation, coloring and finishing as well as full media department.)
  10. Considering time and hassle savings, how much might such a service add to your bottom line? (CRASH+SUES Asset Mgmt system was designed with their clients in mind – online access, assets on-demand, backup and an affordable cost.)


If any of these questions resonate with you, your business could benefit from an asset management system  Without one, your business could currently be losing money due to hidden costs that are not immediately apparent.


The next question is, which asset management system?  CRASH+SUES’ Media Mongoose asset management is accessible anywhere, anytime.  It has a one-field ‘Google style’  search – and it can handle all your assets: video, audio and Word files, jpgs, eps, jpgs, pdfs, etc.


Give your team the right tool to quickly and efficiently access your files.  Give your company the agility to move fast in today’s turbulent world.


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