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3 Video Tips to Make Your Marketing Director Weep (For Joy!)

While generally thought to be the most expensive to produce, recent studies show that video outperforms every other form of marketing content, leading to greater conversions and ROI.  According to Social Media Examiner, consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video about it. The good news is most businesses likely already have a goldmine of material at their fingertips that can be re-purposed, reused or recycled into video content for minimal cost. While re-purposing isn’t always the answer, your Marketing Director will be impressed you cared enough to consider the approach!



Video services1. Convert  Current  Assets into Video

Here’s a great example of what we mean: Lifetime Fitness wanted to promote their personal training program to women, so they had series of black and white stills featuring women created for a traditional direct mail campaign. The images were so moving, they felt they deserved a more prominent place, but what?  As Lifetime began to do some cost analysis, they found that for nearly the same cost of the direct mail piece, they could create a video and send it to a broader audience.  Using the images they loved, we were able to create a savvy marketing piece, which was then sent out via e-mail. The link garnered a surprising 56% open rate –the highest success rate of any of Lifetime’s previous e-mail campaigns, and far better than the average 4.4% open rate of traditional direct mail.  Get a little inspiration for your own project here.



Video production2. Let Your Assets Work Smarter

A Marketing Director is always thinking of effective ways to extend the life of brand assets. Follow their lead and find creative ways to have those assets do double duty in the marketplace. Might we suggest you think like a Geek? With a limited budget, Geek Squad turned a single photo shoot into a print campaign and a video! Using a series of cheeky photos as our starting point, we created the illusion of movement with the addition of some motion graphics and computer-generated imagery that was both eye-catching and cost-efficient. Get a few storyboard ideas here.




Brand Marketing3. Update Your Brand Book

In-house creative departments work very hard to meet everyone’s needs, but it happens, on occasion they are overbooked and you need to turn outside to get your video projects done. A big concern your Marketing Director will have about you using outside vendors is the Brand Book. You can proactively help by making sure you have the latest version of your company’s Brand Book at hand. Make sure all the files are up to date and you know which assets you can share with vendors.  This includes approved colors, fonts and vector files. (If you don’t know what a vector file is, now is the time to find out!  Again, remember your marketing director is managing a ton of moving parts, show them you get it and work to make their life easy.




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