200TB and Counting

The move to our current location last year brought with it the opportunity to expand our capacity to handle

large media files.  Partnering with our friends at ScaleLogic, Inc., we have expanded our digital storage to

over 200TB of high-speed, RAID-6, fiber-connected awesomeness pumped directly to five

suites to handle edit, effects, color, animation, and finish.


What does 200TB look like in practical (and maybe not-so-practical) terms?

200TB is enough storage to hold 700+ feature films in 2k ProRes4444, or 150,000+ thirty second commercials

(including slates).


If each frame of these stored commercials were to be printed back to 35mm film, we would have over

9,000,000 feet of film.  That’s enough film to reach from Minneapolis to Los Angeles!


200TB is equal to 1.6e15 bits (1,600,000,000,000,000 unique 1’s and 0’s).  If each bit in our hard drives

were a jellybean, we would have enough jellybeans to cover all of downtown Minneapolis – a half mile deep!


In other words, we have enough space to handle your stuff.




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